Ibi semper est victoria, ubi concordia est
There is always a victory where there is agreement
Там завжди є перемога, де є згода

About us

NGO “Energy of Peace!” is a non-profit organization, which operates thanks to the charitable support of international funds and private individuals. The statutory tasks of the NGO “Energy of Peace!” concern the solution of a whole range of issues related to the achievement of peace, support for peaceful initiatives and negotiation processes, cooperation with national and international partners in order to achieve interethnic understanding, peaceful coexistence of peoples and states. Our NGO includes various legal institutions as well as individuals who share our values ​​and support our peace initiatives in every possible way. The priority projects for our organization are those that lead to peaceful dialogue and the search for common solutions.




Our main tasks

Promotion of European integration of Ukraine

Establishment of a peaceful dialogue in the Ukrainian society.

Developing civil society awareness

Conflict resolution through negotiation

Restoration of a normal standard of living in the territories after occupation

Active collaboration with various youth organizations

Support for community initiatives

Our projects

Organization structure:

General meeting



Vice Presidents

Executive Director

Our feedback

27, Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01054

Tel. +38 (044) 486-4566

e-mail: energypeace.ngo@gmail.com

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