Monument to the Righteous Among the Nations

     A correct understanding of the goals and principles of the peaceful coexistence of peoples and nationalities, awareness of the value of human life, respect for the sacrifice and humanity of those people who risked their lives to save others, plays the most important role for modern Ukrainian society. Our history knows a lot of such example. During World War II, thousands of Ukrainians, risking themselves and their families, rescued victims of political repression and Nazi occupation. In 1953, the Government of Israel passed a law recognizing merit and paying tribute to such people. In 1963, the criteria for awarding the title of Righteous Among the Nations of the World were defined. Many public and private Ukrainian archives preserve the memory of the names and exploits of the Righteous of the Ukrainian people who sheltered the children of all nations and nationalities from the murderers who came to the Ukrainian land. As of January 1, 2017, 2573 Ukrainians received the title of Righteous among the Nations (according to the Israeli National Holocaust Memorial and the Heroism “Yad Vashem”). Ukraine is the fourth European country in terms of the number of Righteous.

     Highly appreciating the contribution of the Ukrainian Righteous to saving human lives, as well as strengthening inter-ethnic peace and mutual understanding, in the fall of 2018, our Union launched an initiative to create a thematic monument in their honor in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. At the moment, the project of a monument to the Righteous Among the Nations is being developed jointly with state and private institutions.

Jerusalem, Yad Vashem Memorial, Hall of Names
Solemn ceremony of conferring the title “Righteous Among the Nations of the World”
Solemn ceremony of conferring the title “Righteous Among the Nations of the World”

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